Our Story

We’re part of a community of creators – artisans who believe in taking it slow and being intentional about every detail.  And we’ve always had a dream of delivering craft-quality pizza, from our oven to yours.
  • Shelly Heid

    Shelly Heid has over 30 years of experience in pizza – bringing together artisans to create food that inspires connection and community.

  • Roger Bentz

    Roger Bentz

    Roger Bentz has over 30 years in food, with 20 years of experience working with dough – always pushing what’s possible to create the perfect crust.

  • Chef Erik Jones

    Erik Jones

    Erik Jones's experience as a chef has taken him across the world searching for the best of food, learning traditional methods along with new innovations.

  • Gaelle Denais Kruse

    Gaelle Denais Kruse has been making pizza for more than 20 years. Her focus is on ensuring every detail of our creation is faithfully reflected, even if every pizza isn’t made by hand.

What We Made

person working dough with rolling pin


Crust is critical. It takes hours of patience, followed by minutes of intense heat. Perfecting our crust was our first and most important goal.

container of sauce next to pizza dough


What holds a pizza together, providing a foundation of flavor and necessary acidity. There were no shortcuts here, our sauce had to be perfect.

fresh basil on a wooden table


While everyone has their favorites, quality is universally appreciated. From premium pepperoni to whole leaves of basil to slices of mozzarella, we made no compromises.

  • Dough fermenting in bowl covered by cloth


    Fermentation is flavor and texture. We take the patient approach to our dough, monitoring every minute of our minimum 20-hour ferment process.

  • cooked pizza before open fire


    Fire turns dough into crust, with crunch and char. We treat our crusts to an open fire that burns at over 1000 degrees, in a similar style to a traditional pizza oven.

  • Uncooked pizza in vacuum sealed packaging


    We want our pizzas to arrive to you exactly how they’re meant to. We took an innovative approach to our packaging to ensure our craft-quality is preserved.

Hearth & Fire™ pizzas: The Margherita, The Mushroom, The Pepperoni and The Bianca


Our pizzas are crafted by artisans and touched by fire. They’re pretty tasty, too. See how we’ve taken our love for pizza to the next level.

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