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General Questions

What is Hearth & Fire® Pizza?

Hearth & Fire® Pizza is a super-premium product that brings the flavor, texture and aroma of a craft restaurant pizza to a convenient frozen format. We are confident that once you try it you will agree that this pizza sets a new standard for quality.


What makes Hearth & Fire® pizza unique?
The crust is the first thing that distinguishes Hearth & Fire® pizzas. We start with a minimum 20-hour fermentation that gives our crust its airy texture and depth of flavor. We finish by flame-firing our crust at 1000 degrees to seal in the incomparable taste. With premium toppings and sauces like whole basil leaves, premium pepperoni, mozzarella coins, and parmesan garlic cream sauce, Hearth & Fire® pizzas provide a truly elevated experience.

What is cold slow fermentation?
By strictly controlling the temperature at which fermentation takes place, we allow the yeast time to consume the simple sugars in the flour -- a minimum of twenty hours, in fact. This produces a lighter, more flavorful crust, with exceptional texture, flavor, and aroma.

How did Hearth & Fire® pizza begin?
Hearth & Fire® pizza is the culmination of three years of work by a small team of craftspeople who set out to make restaurant-quality pizza available in your grocer's frozen aisle. By refusing to cut corners, using only premium ingredients, and creating a completely new production process, we are proud to offer a pizza that will hold its own with your favorite neighborhood pizzeria.

How were recipes for Hearth & Fire® pizzas developed?
The challenge for Hearth & Fire® pizza was to create restaurant quality pizza to be prepared at home. With that goal in mind, we researched the very best pizza restaurants to understand what made their pies special. We then tasked our small but talented group of craftspeople with bringing these characteristics to life. We are certain you will agree it is like no other pizza in its category.

Is Hearth & Fire® Neapolitan style pizza?
No. We do draw inspiration from the traditional Neapolitan style, but we have not attempted to duplicate it.

What inspires Hearth & Fire® Pizza?
Hearth & Fire® pizza is made up of craftspeople and artisans who are committed to the intention, care, and craft it takes to make a superior pizza. We are inspired by others who share this devotion to craft and take the time to produce something exceptional. Even those outside the world of food inspire us -- we identify with anyone who is passionate about their craft.

Is your packaging recyclable?
The cardboard circle and outer box are. The plastic is not.

Are the pizza crusts really baked with a flame fire?
Yes, we start with a minimum 20-hour fermentation that gives our crust its airy texture and depth of flavor. We finish it by flame-firing our crust at 1000 degrees to seal in the incomparable taste.

What is flame-fired pizza crust?
There are many methods, equipment, and traditions when it comes to baking pizzas. However, our favorites are the pizzas that are baked in a woodfire ovenOur Hearth & Fire® pizzas take inspiration from these ovens with a light airy crust edge with the perfect amount of char on the edges and bottom of the pizza crust. The problem is that none of us have a woodfired oven in our home kitchens. So, we designed the Hearth & Fire® Pizza baking process to deliver on the qualities we love, all with the convenience of pizza from our freezer.

What is the diameter of the pizza?
The diameter is about 12 inches.

Do you have procedures to avoid cross-contact or contamination of the product with the allergens not present in the product?


Preparation Questions

How long can the pizza be thawed prior to bake?
15-20 minutes is the target, but no longer than 30 minutes

Why remove from freezer for 15-20 minutes to thaw prior to baking?
All the elements of this pizza have been carefully designed to deliver the best pizza experience, from the ratio of toppings to dough, to the level of char on the edge when we pre-bake the pizzas. We’ve chosen only the best ingredients to create our crust, and nothing else. This means there is less forgiveness when you bake the pizza in your oven at home. The baking instructions we've given include a short tempering step before you put the pizza in the oven to ensure the pizza gets fully baked without overbaking.

Why add olive oil as instructions state?
A drizzle of fresh olive oil is a great way to punch up the flavor of the pizza, adding some richness to ensure you get the best experience.

How do I get a crisper or softer crust?
The crust is intended to be tender around the lip (exterior) & crispy on the bottom already.

Can I bake the pizza right from frozen state?
Yes, but you may need extra time. Please use 12-14 minutes as your target time from frozen state. To get the best experience we recommend a 15-20 minute thaw time prior to baking.

Can I bake two Hearth & Fire® pizzas in the same oven at the same time?
We do not recommend baking two pizzas in the same oven. Our team is working to develop alternate preparation methods, but for now, one pizza at a time will give you the best results.

Are any of these items Kosher or Halal?
Hearth & Fire® products are not Kosher or Halal certified.

Do any of the pizzas fit a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle?
All of our pizzas contain dairy and are not suitable for a vegan lifestyle. However, our Margherita pizza is suitable for vegetarian diets.

Are any of these items gluten free?
No, the products contain wheat.


Order Handling


How do I report an issue with my order?
If you have any questions, email us at comments@hearthandfirepizza.com, call us at 800-250-5230 or Contact Us at the Hearth & Fire® pizza store.


Shipping & Handling Questions


How long will it take to receive my order?
We strive to deliver within 2 days of departure from our facility! However, each order is different based on destination and products ordered. You’ll receive your tracking info via email as soon as your order is out for shipment.

How do I handle the dry ice inside the shipping box?
Dry ice is much colder than regular ice and can burn the skin like frostbite. Do not touch with bare hands. You should wear insulated gloves when handling it.

How can I dispose of the dry ice?
Place it in a well-ventilated area at room temperature; the remainder of the ice will sublimate away. Never dispose of dry ice in a trash can, chemical waste container or other garbage/waste can.